A story about mediation…

Two teenage siblings are quarreling over the only orange in the house. They both want it, and they refuse to compromise.

Their parent, trying to relax in the other room, comes into the kitchen with a mission… to restore peace! Grabbing a knife out of the drawer, the parent cuts the orange in half and triumphantly leaves the kitchen.

Later in the afternoon the parent returns to the kitchen and finds on the counter the peeled rind of half an eaten orange, and half of an uneaten orange with the rind removed. The parent is confused… what happened? The teenagers provide a simple explanation. One wanted the orange for a snack and the other needed the orange rind for a recipe.

What went wrong? No one asked the right questions. By too quickly cutting the conversation… and the orange… the parent reached a compromise that fell far short of the best solution.

When the people involved in a dispute are able to tell their story and hear the other side, they have the opportunity to fashion a unique, creative, flexible answer to their problem. Mediation provides a time, a place and an emotional space where you, the experts, craft your own solution.  Welcome to Peacewise Mediation!

Welcome to Peacewise Mediation!

Peacewise provides Family Mediation Services in Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities in Johnson, Linn, Iowa and Benton counties. Please contact Laura Melton Tucker with questions about mediation or to schedule a divorce, business, neighborhood or elder mediation. Thank you for your interest in Peacewise.
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