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Conflict Mapping – When Your Emotional GPS Says You’re Lost

By Laura Melton Tucker, October 21st, 2010

When a friend called to say she wanted to purchase a mediation for her friend on the brink of a divorce, I responded enthusiastically…until she informed me her friend would be coming alone. I stammered, “Um, gee, mediation is between two parties. I’m not a counselor, you know.” Reaching, I threw in a joke to underscore the absurdity of a one person mediation: “I guess I could mediate between your friend’s head and heart.” My friend didn’t laugh. I regrouped. “How about I meet your friend for coffee instead? I’ll tell her about mediation and we’ll get a chance to get acquainted as friends.” “No,” my friend responded. “She already knows about mediation. I want you to be professional about this and meet with her. Send me a bill. I’m giving her your number.” Click. I sat holding the phone, perplexed. Now I had my own conflict to resolve – how to do right by my friend and adhere to my mediator training and standards of good practice.

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