Iowa Legal Aid

A resource for free legal help and information on civil law problems for eligible Iowans in every county of the state. (Note:  High demand for free legal aid has made it necessary for offices in Johnson and Linn County  to temporarily limit divorce and custody legal advice to victims of domestic violence.  Nonetheless, if you have completed all of your legal documents, staff  will make every effort to look them over when you walk in. Circumstances may change.  Call your local legal aid office for information about their policies.)

Iowa Child Support Guidelines Calculator

This on-line calculator is not meant to be a substitute for the professional advice and assistance that a licensed, practicing attorney can provide.  Proper calculation of child support is important, and there are critical factors that this on-line program does not take into account when calculating child support.  Use this resource for purposes of estimation only.  This calculator uses the 2014 tax code and the most current Child Support Guidelines for Iowa.

National Help Hotlines

Links and phone numbers for self-help organizations, health related information, youth and family issue help lines.

Court ordered mediation or parent education classes:

Up To Parents

An interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents. In the Parents Corner under “Excellent Resources” you’ll find links and videos on a range of subjects including how to tell your children you’re divorcing, grief, grand parenting and mediation.

Helpful Articles:

Association for Conflict Resolution

Iowa Association of Mediators

These associations promote the understanding and use of mediation. Both sites offer “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s) to explain the mediation process.

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